Meet the Crew

Craig Lee
Co Owner
Tattoo Artist
Craig has always had a passion for drawing since he was 5 years old. This fueled the fire to become a custom pattaya tattoo artist. Craig is a veteran of the US Army. He has over 9 years experience in tattooing. He is one of the few tattoo artists that can create color portraits. His favorite style is color realism. He has been featured in Cranial Visions by Mike Devries. His work has also been featured in the comedy "Zach & Miri Make a Porno". He would be excited to work on any piece you have in mind making your dream a reality.
Jen Piper
Co Owner, CFO
Operations Manager
Public Relations
Charity/Event Coordinator
Jen has over 16 years business experience which includes Marketing, Management, Human Resources, and Technical Recruiting. She is passionate about art and has her own custom painting business and clothing line. Her main priority is ensuring our customers leave having a pleasant experience and feel they were taken care of.

- Any comments, suggestions or concerns can be addressed to her at
- Businesses looking to cross promote - contact Jen at 515-778-6458.
Leo Ziebol
Piercing Artist
"I got my first job at a piercing shop in 1999. Since then I have made it my goal to stay abreast with trends and health education in the field of body piercing. I attend continuing education every year at the APP conference in Las Vegas. My wife, Kate and I also teach at this conference and vend for our company Relic Stoneworks. I LOVE every day piercings. Navels, Nostrils, and creative Ear Projects are some of my favorites. I also specialize in Intimate piercings. These are piercings that are very special to the wearer and are something I take very seriously. If you have any questions about any of the services I provide, please feel free to email me directly at"
Janessa McKissack
Piercing Artist
"Born and raised in Muncie, Indiana I lived with my rad grandparents in a small town. Luckily my grandparents let me be artistic and express myself in ways they called 'unconventional'.

I was 12 when I walked into a tattoo parlor for the first time. I was mesmerized by the colorful flash, the tattooed artists and clients, and especially the sparkling jewelry cases. I left the shop with a simple steel ring in my ear (a piercing I still show off today!) and I knew that I had to be a part of that world!

My family was shocked when piercing, tattoos, and other forms of body modification became a HUGE part of my life. When my grandparents and I moved to Iowa I was 16. I got a job at some trendy music store and started adding to my already countless collection of piercings as well as stretching my ears. I forged friendships with local piercers and artists. I'd made up my mind... I was going to be a piercer. TODAY I feel I'm right where I need to be.

I'm grateful to share a workspace with Leo who has been the best mentor I could ask for. I'm confident in my current skills and I have got endless learning opportunities ahead of me. Piercing has always been important to me and now I get to share that joy with others - Not just by putting a hole in their skin, but by giving them a piercing and jewelry that accentuates their features, enhances beauty and boosts confidence. This is JUST THE BEGINNING of my career in body modification and I can't wait to see where I go from here!"
Dillon Hild
Part Timer
Adam Clark
Tattoo Artist
Fine Artist